activities-colouring contest 2011

The 2011 Sint Colouring contest is here!

Colouring Picture for younger Children

to print:

(Suggested:) Click on the pictures above to download the Coloring picture in PDF format.

Or click here to go to the colouring picture on our website, (you will get a smaller picture as in PDF format)

activities-personal gifts given by Sinterklaas.
Information about personal gift giving on Dec. 03  2011

Holland Shopping Centre New Westminster location

There is this year an opportunity to have Sinterklaas give your child a gift while he is visiting Holland Shopping Centre  on December 03 2011

Here are the options:

Option 1) You can buy the gift and bring it into to the store before or on December 03 2011.
Please be sure to fill out the gift registration form and that the present is wrapped and clearly labeled with the child's name.


Option 2) Holland Shopping Centre can assemble a gift for you:
You choose one (or more) product(s) from their store for the amount you like to give.
For ideas what to give you can browse Holland Shopping Centre's
on-line catalogue: 
(click on the picture to open the catalogue in PDF format.)
Page 4-11 are geared toward Sinterklaas and Christmas, but you can choose something from the other pages as well.

You still have to fill out the personal gift registration form
and fax (604- 522-0236) or copy and paste it in an email , or drop off your order prior to or on Dec. 03 2011 The present must be pre-paid by either faxing your payment information or phone the New West Location: 604 522 8333


If you have any questions please contact Black Peter with in the subject line “Sinterklaas present registration Dec. 03 2011”

activities-colouring for fun
Do you like to colour for fun?
Below you see colouring pictures from previous years. click on a picture to view it larger (PDF format)

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